ABOUT Aura Badge Company

It all started in 1952 when Anthony Barbaro came home from work and told his wife he quit his job of 20 years. Although she was worried, she knew it had been his lifelong ambition to run his own business.

They pulled up stakes in Philadelphia and moved to his mother's summer cottage in Aura, NJ where they cleared a plot of land and built a 1,080 sq. ft. building.

The business started out slowly. Although they had the factory and manufacturing equipment, there were not enough orders to turn a profit. Both Anthony and Mary (his wife) had to find jobs on opposite shifts so they could make ends meet while their sons, Philip and Robert, worked as the manufacturing crew. Their hard work finally started to pay off after 5 years when in 1957 both Anthony and Mary were able to quit their jobs and devote all their time to the business.

In 1976, after 19 years of building the business, they were able to add an addition to the original building to yield 5,000 sq. ft. total of manufacturing space.  In 1978 they once again expanded  their operations to 7,500 sq. ft. The future was looking bright until 1979 when the family's enthusiasm was dimmed by a devastating fire that devoured half the company.

Fortunately the Barbaro's knew how to persevere, and during 1980  rebuilt the company bigger & better. It now has 40,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, and is in its third generation of Barbaro family.

In July of 2017 they acquired the manufacturing assets of Montco Adv. in Norristown PA.  Once the machinery was moved to Aura, the company immediately expanded its product line into Direct to Garment digital printing, Lapel Pins, Stone Coasters, and Wood Tokens.....

"We look forward to continuing the tradition of hard work, perseverance and enthusiasm., that our founder Anthony P. Barbaro would be proud of".

"We want to thank all of you for your continued patronage, which has made this all possible for more than 70 years!"