Absorbent Coaster

Absorbent Coasters!

 All Absorbent Coasters are not the same!

 What is the Difference?


Many of the coasters sold by other companies are decorated by either printing them with a solvent ink or by applying a printed decal to the coaster.  Both of these methods seal the surface and the coaster is no longer absorbent


Aura’s Absorbent Coasters, however, are different. We decorate our Coasters by printing directly on the surface with water-based inks that penetrate the surface but do not seal it. As a result, Aura’s Absorbent Coasters retain the most important characteristic of Absorbent Coasters- they are Absorbent! Bottom line, they soak up the moisture from cold drinks and protect your desk, table, car drink holder, etc.


Who Should You Trust for Your Absorbent Coasters?


Aura’s Absorbent Coasters can have a full-color, custom image that show your company’s name, logo, contact information, or anything else that you want to print.  We can even print photos on our Coasters! And while we use a water-based ink, the image is durable and the Coaster can even be washed with a mild detergent.


Aura Badge/Montco. is celebrating more than 60  years of providing the highest quality products to our customers. We have the latest equipment and highly skilled, technologically competent operators. Our knowledgeable art staff can even provide you with complete design services to create an effective and memorable Coaster image!