Direct to Fabric

Direct-to-Fabric Printing!


Direct-to-Fabric Printing is revolutionizing the garment printing industry!  If you don't understand what it is and when it makes sense for your order, you are probably paying too much for your fabric printing!


What Is It?

Aura’s Direct-to-Fabric Printing is a new method of decorating fabric: T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Tote Bags, Aprons, and really anything that is at least 80% cotton. Unlike screen printing, Aura’s Direct-to-Fabric Printing does not require image separations, printing screens, or set-up charges. The piece is simply run through a fabric printer where special inks are applied directly onto the fabric which is then cured in a heat press. The result is a vibrant, full-color image that has a soft feel and is very durable. There is no limit of imprint colors, and we can even print full-color photos. And best, the inks are water-based, and completely safe. The latest equipment will print on both light and dark fabrics.


What is the Advantage of Aura’s Direct-to-Fabric Printing?

Not everyone wants or needs thousands or even hundreds of shirts, bags, or aprons. The majority of shirt printing orders are 24 to 300 pieces. Silk screen printing requires separations, screens, and set-up charges, all before the first shirt is printed. These up-front costs make smaller quantity orders very expensive.

How, then, can you have full-color images in lower quantities at a price that is affordable? Aura’s Direct-to-Fabric Printing is the answer! There are no separation, screen, or set-up charges! As a result, you can have full-color printed garments in quantities as low as 12 pieces at a price that makes sense!


Aura’s Direct-to-Fabric Printing will likely be a better deal for orders with 2 or more printed colors and quantities up to 480 pieces. For larger quantity orders you should compare the total price for each printing method and select the one that is the best deal.


Who Should You Trust to do Your Direct-to-Fabric Printing. Aura Badge/Montco is celebrating more than 60 years of providing the highest quality products to our customers. We have been digitally printing on fabric for nearly 10 years and have the latest equipment and highly skilled, technologically competent operators. Our knowledgeable art staff can even provide you with complete design services to create an effective and memorable image!